October Language

October Language
Label: Carpark
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: October Language

October Language scans like a precog flash of Hurricane Katrina's panoramic devastation – not just because Belong's Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones recorded it in their native New Orleans less than a year before that fateful storm hit, but because this duo get off on submerging their gothic, cathedral-solemn reveries of keyboard and organ sustain in thick, polluted washes of computer-generated static dross. This is meditation under too much medication, glory uglified into majesty, and it works despite its single-minded uniformity. From the trapped-in-amber sizzle of "The Door Opens the Other Way," with its Icarus-like ascend-then-slump tonal shifts to the title track's cozier, guitar-assisted pink-sunset-on-an-affirmations-poster fuzz drawl, October Language almost makes decay seem seductive. It's the comforting, heavy-lidded precursor to an uneasy, contentious rebirth.