Label: Astralwerks
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Meds

Big in Europe and barely noticed here (what else is new?), the U.K.'s Placebo is one of those bands that seems destined to create a love-hate relationship with its listeners. A glammy sense of style, singer Brian Molko's robotic, Geddy Lee-like vocal delivery and a tendency toward arena-styled pomp make them prime contempt fodder for indie kids raised on sincerity and mumbly singers. However, Meds is practically a roots move for this trio. Gone is much of the synthetic excess that goosed up 2003's Sleeping With Ghosts. In its place is a relatively austere grind that gives you some idea of what Rush might sound like recast as a new wave group circa 1981 with songs not bogged down by Neil Peart's stupid lyrics. Or what The Psychedelic Furs would've sounded like birthed in the '90s amidst the overwhelming angst. Or something.