Birdy Nam Nam

Birdy Nam Nam
Label: Uncivilized World
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Birdy Nam Nam

French turntablists Birdy Nam Nam are done scalping other DJs for the world title; they've been there, and they're over it. For their crafty album, the four DMC World Team Champions traded competition rehearsals for studio time, building mini-symphonies from their integral stacks of vinyl. Each member of Birdy Nam Nam contributes sections of existing works by pulling parts from LPs, as evident in the Wurlitzer chords manually slipped in and out of "Kind of Laid Back," and in the stuttering chopped vocal bits on "Jazz It at Home." The peculiar scratch routines that captivate Kid Koala or Q-Bert audiences aren't so much a part of Birdy Nam Nam's vibe, but creatively mangling sound is top priority: Even the album's occasional electronic drawl is nothing more than records and cross-faders. Any audio left unexplained is illustrated by a sizable accompanying DVD, which makes witnessing their live set a dire, complementary necessity.