Stealing the Devil's Guitar

Stealing the Devil's Guitar
Label: Blind Pig
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Stealing the Devil's Guitar
Like capturing lightning in a bottle, it's almost impossible to put Popa Chubby in the studio following his dynamic live release Big Man, Big Guitar and expect his raw energy to come through. The uniqueness of his newest CD ends with the title itself, as the album flounders through a seemingly random pattern of styles. From the dark urban sentiment of 'Smugglers Gameâ?� to the reggae-tinted 'Back in My Baby's Armsâ?� and a throwback to the wah-wah-soaked '70s ('Right Onâ?�), the disc doesn't seem to know where to go and lacks continuity. Overproduced and unremarkable, it takes considerable effort to avoid losing track of which 'slideâ?� instrumental you are listening to. If you are looking for Popa Chubby, the energized and creative slide-master, you won't find him here.