Label: Arclight
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: 31:13
The notion of the single-track album ' especially the sprawling, dense and heavy single-track album ' isn't nearly as novel as the many artists who make them think it is. And though the Texas boys in Cardinale probably thought they had stumbled upon an attention-getting trifecta (single-track album ... titled after the exact length of the track ... released as a debut), they needn't have bothered with such gimmicks. Pushing prog-rock grandiosity through a thunderous rhythm section and churning guitar patterns, Cardinale ramps up the thudding attack of a group like Pelican, tosses in the occasional out-of-context vocal growl, and spreads it all waaaaay out. Though piqued by the idea of making one very long song, Cardinale really don't treat 31:13 as a singular work; it's divided up into, er, movements that don't necessarily relate to one another, though there's a bit of circularity and a definite consistency to the disc. But rather than getting people's attention with the format, all these guys have done is ensure that their music never gets played on anyone's iPod.