To Find Me Gone

To Find Me Gone
Label: DiCristina
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: To Find Me Gone
The media's grabbed the catchy and convenient tag line 'freak folk,â?� anointed Devendra Banhart its leader and made underground stars of Joanna Newsom, Espers and Andy Cabic's Vetiver. If that's what it takes to draw attention to the quiet musings that whisper throughout Vetiver's second album, then fine. But don't take the 'freakyâ?� part too seriously. Sure, in Devendra's case there's a Donovan-esque sense of mischief and whimsy, but most of these other personalities tend toward the somber and dark. Sawing cellos make everyone think of Nick Drake these days. But any fan of Ian Matthews, John Martyn ' heck, John Denver ' could find something to love in Vetiver's delicately orchestrated tunes, which include a Ray Davies'style soft-shoe ('Idle Tiesâ?�), the obligatory Drake night-sky gazer ('No One Wordâ?�) and acoustic reveries that sound as if the early-'70s back-to-the-land movement has birthed a modern-day musical commune worth considering.