Raw Materials

Raw Materials
Label: Savoy Jazz
Length: LP
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Raw Materials
Though pianist Iyer is the better-known half of this jazz duo, saxophonist Mahanthappa shines the brightest on these 13 pieces. Having worked together for more than a decade, the two have established a formidable improvisational dialogue, which shows in the ease and intensity of Raw Materials. Iyer's dark melodicism is in full force here, but Mahanthappa's circular and restrained attack is bristling with energy. Whether barreling through a dizzying barnstormer like 'Five Fingers Make a Fistâ?� or engaging in the subtle cinematics of 'Common Ground,â?� the end result is a testament to two powerful new voices who speak as clearly to one another as they do to the listener.