Figur 5

Figur 5
Label: Morr Music
Length: LP
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Figur 5
Michael Heilrath isn't just the bassist for Couch ' he's also the group's sole songwriter. This explains why the German quartet's instrumental forays are so commandingly stout and why Figur 5 sounds so stunning blasting from your car speakers ' Heilrath's bass lines possess the melodic DNA that keyboardist Stefanie Bohm, guitarist Jurgen Soder and drummer Thomas Geltinger expand, embellish and nurture into rock action uncommon in its lyricism (despite the absence of lyrics). Swimming in pointed, bloodshot synth lines, 'Zwei Streifen im Blau� could be an outtake from Billy Corgan's solo album, while the swollen 'Lässt Nicht Nach� fairly hemorrhages waterfalls of gorgeously florid guitar porn. Couch are that rare post-rock creature ' though that tag doesn't do their efforts justice ' so masterful one is almost driven to force the band on strangers. 'Gegen Alles Bereit� is a triumph all in itself, a spacious sonic cathedral radiating inexplicable goodwill, expert interior decoration and laid-back air guitar soloing all at once.