Impeach My Bush

Impeach My Bush
Label: XL Recordings
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Impeach My Bush
Shock-rock-rapper Peaches continues to push the confrontational envelope on her third album with titillatingly titled tracks such as 'Two Guys (for Every Girl),â?� 'Slippery Dickâ?� and 'Tent in Your Pants.â?� (She runs shy of her second album, Fatherfucker, but you must agree that's a tall order.) Whatever media calculation you figure into the equation, this 39-year-old artiste still delivers the raucous goods by any standard. Her rhythms percolate with urgency, her attitude allows you to both laugh and scream, and her use of the back-to-basics punk rock schematic make the tight guitar power chords of 'Boys Wanna Be Herâ?� and 'Do Yaâ?� leap from the speakers. After recording her first two albums by her lonesome, Peaches adds guests from Joan Jett to Josh Homme to co-producer Mickey Petralia (Beck, Eels), who, like the live drums and extra guitars, only modestly accentuate her minimalist modus operandi. Who would think such things could come from Canada?