Night Moves

Night Moves
Label: Lunatic Works/Sony BMG
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Night Moves
Besides her stage and film work and her membership in L.A.-based band Pet, Lisa Papineau may be best known for her contributions to albums that didn't feature her name on the front cover, as in her noteworthy vocal work with Air and M83 in recent years. Papineau collaborates again with French musicians on Night Moves to create a hot-and-cold collection of acoustic/electro-pop blends à la Morr Music or Portishead. In a lethargic, piano-heavy swoop, 'The End of Desire� illustrates the dismal suggestion of its title, and Papineau's exhausted vocal hobbles toward a chorus hook, its plight highly indicative of the prominent parts she's played elsewhere. It knocks up against the bright, skittering pulses and hand claps of 'LP Beat,� where robust organ chords line lifting church-hymn harmonies. But aside from these memorable few cuts, on Night Moves, Papineau's most resonant moments are those lent to other musicians.