A horse named Miracle


Ahhh ... finally some breathing room to write without having to worry about my ogreish Editor beating me about the face, neck and feet with a whiffle ball bat.

I went to the "Kicks for Guns" event at the Citrus Bowl last week and met "Miracle" the horse, Orlando Police Department's toughest animal officer, that was referenced in this week's Police Beat. I told the officers about Miracle getting popped in the face after nudging a citizen to move along; the horse returned the punch by giving the the perp a headbutt.

The horse is really a take-no-shit-sort-of animal. I rubbed the spot where I presumed he'd been punch and he tried to take a bite outta my hand. Officer Middleton, who was mounted atop Miracle, warned me that "He's a biter," but he eventually warmed-up to me after I discovered he liked to be scratched behind the ears.

A passerby, Pepper, overheard the discussion about the incident and weighed in with her opinion, "I'll tell ya what'll be a miracle: If the guy that punched that horse tells anyone in jail what he's there for it'll be a miracle if he maintains his chastity. Somebody's gonna make him sweet!"