Label: Drag City
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: 1968
1968, David Pajo's sophomore solo excursion, acts as a mirror image to last year's lush, darkly intimate Pajo. While the former Tortoise/Zwan guitarist again takes production matters into his own hands ' recording vocals and instrumental parts into his laptop, a technique that strips away a layer or three of clarity ' the finished product is decidedly brighter in mood and tone (if not in subject matter) on this release. Huffing organs and harmonica solos pad love ballad 'Let It Be Me,â?� where Pajo poetically, rhetorically asks 'Each time we meet, love/I find complete love/Without your sweet love, what would life be?â?� 'We Get Along, Mostlyâ?� is that rarest of arrows in Pajo's quiver: a fully-fleshed, modern rock & roll oughta-be single. Elsewhere, hearts break apart, fingers clutching high tree branches bleed, and a sunny, false-sanguine warmth rules the day.