Broken Bridges

Broken Bridges
Length: Single
Studio: Paramount Vantage
Rated: PG-13
Release Date: 2006-09-08
Cast: Toby Keith, Kelly Preston, Burt Reynolds, Willie Nelson, Tess Harper
Director: Steven Goldmann
Screenwriter: Cherie Bennett, Jeff Gottesfeld
Music Score: Toby Keith
WorkNameSort: Broken Bridges
Our Rating: 2.00

'A vehicle for Toby Keithâ?� is about all that needs to be said. The most uncritical, red-state fans of the ridiculously imposing country star will get exactly the sort of thinly plotted, poorly dialogued, feel-good flick they expect, while anyone else will wonder why this film deserved a green light. Things that don't surprise: a prevalence of Ford trucks, Keith's monotonous delivery and the implication that anything ' fractured families, alcoholism, the pain of death ' can be solved by a week in a small Tennessee town. Things that surprise: a Woggles poster on a wall, a subtle anti-government message threaded through a pro-troops subplot and the utterly desiccated plastic surgery disaster that is Burt Reynolds' face.