Foundation Sounds

Foundation Sounds
Label: Empyrean
Length: LP
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Foundation Sounds
From '90s albums like The Lateness of the Hour to last year's EP, Six Kinds of Passion Looking for an Exit, arranger/multi-instrumentalist Eric Matthews has cultivated a posh body of work that wouldn't be out of place in a very expensive, very private English men's club. Think dark mahogany paneling, brass railings and, of course, the orchestral beauty of the Divine Comedy and select Paul McCartney cuts. The typically grandiose Foundation Sounds is consummately regal and bittersweet. With Matthews' whispered vocals and lush instrumentation accompanying melodramatic lyrics, the disc demonstrates a true pop classicist working at full power. Fans of beauteous pop have a friend in Matthews' exquisitely textured songs, and his third full-length album in 10 years doesn't disappoint. Foundation Sounds is a suite of romantic episodes that will have you thinking of the winter ahead, of lost loves, falling leaves and turtleneck sweaters.