Dance Away the Terror

Dance Away the Terror
Label: Park the Van
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Dance Away the Terror
In another serving of lavishly styled '60s pop and sinister, piano-aided drug rock, the Capitol Years' Dance Away the Terror doesn't bark with the frequent volatility that 2005's Let Them Drink did. Aside from Dance's occasional fuzzed-out riff in stompers like 'Long Time,â?� singer Shai Halperin's love for Byrds-ian jangle is far more prominent, in flowery vocal harmonies and clever songwriting. The soured e-mail writer who inspired 'Mirage Peopleâ?� might differ on the subject of the Philadelphia group's amp-rattling triumphs, arguing, as the lyrics do, that 'the Capitol Years are not a good band.â?� But who else, pray tell, is going to write the soundtrack for dancing away the terror? John Ashcroft?