Open Season

Open Season
Length: Single
Studio: Sony Pictures Releasing
Rated: PG
Release Date: 2006-09-29
Cast: Paul Westerberg, Gary Sinise, Jon Favreau, Patrick Warburton, Ashton Kutcher
Director: Jill Culton, Roger Allers, Anthony F. Stacchi
Screenwriter: Steve Bencich, Nat Maudlin, Ron J. Friedman, John Carls, Steve Moore
Music Score: Ramin Djawadi, Paul Westerberg
WorkNameSort: Open Season
Our Rating: 2.50
The first outing from Sony Animation Studios fits nicely within the current template of digitally rendered kids' movies: A bunch of talking animals rattle off a string of mild double entendres and fart jokes for 90 minutes and the money flows right in. The voices are a blend of stars (Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher) and anonymous, offensive racial identifiers (a pair of Puerto Rican skunks), while the domesticated-bear-in-the-wild plot is predictable, thin and oversweet. Whatever. It passed the test of keeping a certain 4-year-old speechless, even though the 'charactersâ?� were so underdeveloped he couldn't remember their names. This little one was all about sticking his butt in the air just like Kutcher's dopey deer. Worth noting: Open Season is about hunting (hence the title). Hunters will be offended by the portrayal of their kind as moronic and evil, while nonhunters may be disturbed by the overabundance of gunfire aimed at the cute-and-fuzzies.