Why I Hate Women

Why I Hate Women
Label: Smog Veil
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Why I Hate Women
Much of what you'll read about Pere Ubu will turn you off. Their fans take that hipster pride in liking them for their difficulty, for the way they twist musical conventions to the point of nausea, as if by subverting the very things that make music worth hearing, the band reaches a higher consciousness. David Thomas is the only original member standing, and it's his tenuous relationship with vocal pitch that's trademarked their sound through four decades. His humor has saved them. He's also accepted that while a crazy keyboard player makes them unusual, it's the angry guitar player that drives the point home. Here, 'Blue Velvetâ?� is a creepy approximation of Amon Duul II, bluesy with psychedelic accents, while 'Texas Overtureâ?� sounds like an OCD patient reciting a restaurant menu. Pere Ubu tries a few unexpected routes to get to its destination, but never loses sight of the final result. Therein lies the difference.