What's a few hundred thousand dead Iraqis?


Let's see. George Bush puts casualties from the Iraq war at about 30,000. A new study by Johns Hopkins, MIT and others puts the figure as high as 655,000. Most Iraqis blame us for the bloody mayhem gripping their country, and the headless bodies keep turning up on the streets.

Who do you believe? The people who told us the "deadenders" would be disheartened when Saddam's sons were killed? When Saddam himself was captured? When Iraqis voted on a constitution? When the U.S. killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? The people who have given us three reasons â?? weapons of mass destruction, links to terrorism, democratizing the Middle East â?? to date, for invading a country that never threatened us?

Or do you think maybe a bunch of scientists using accepted research methods just might be a little closer to the truth?