Yin Drinks and Yang Cocktails....


Here's an interesting little article about girly drinks and manly drinks, and how the current trend is an emasculation of our cocktail menus.

I can totally agree. While I'll occasionally sample something that sounds a little overly sweet, my favorite tipple these days is a cognac, neat, preferably in a snifter. In fact, I'm a fan of any neat, brown liquor.

"There is nothing quite so disheartening for me as to see a rugged hulky man swagger in, take a seat, and grab the girly-drink menu," writes Ty Wenzel in her memoir "Behind Bars." A fashion editor at Cosmopolitan before she turned her hand to bartending, Ms. Wenzel writes with dismay of any chiseled-faced man "sitting here having a melon martini." Delivering the cocktail to one such specimen, "I made it known to him that I have no regard for him as a man." And all the poor fellow wanted was a drink.