halloween: rules of the game

Today Bloggytown is all about you and your Halloween dilemma. Where to go? How to dress? If you don't have your costume together yet, let us help. And for a selection of Halloween events, go here.

First up, from New York magazine, a list of stylist Joe Zee's Halloween rules:

Unique is better than sexy.

Instead of just being Paris Hilton, be Paris Hilton with a black eye fresh from a catfight. That adds a social commentary.

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People should understand what you are right away. If you have to explain it, itâ??s not a costume.

A word about wigs.
Buying a rainbow Afro and throwing it on your head isnâ??t a costume. Thatâ??s just lazy.

Donâ??t recycle.
Wearing the same thing is like not wearing a costume at all. Weâ??re not the same person we were years ago.

Walk (but donâ??t cross) the line.
A Senate page and Mark Foley would be funny right now. But I would definitely not dress up as an Amish-killing milkman this year.