That's My Bush! The Definitive Collection

That's My Bush! The Definitive Collection
Studio: Paramount
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If That's My Bush ' Trey Parker and Matt Stone's weakest venture to date ' is ever to receive a Mr. Show-like posthumous surge of popularity, then now's the time. All eight episodes of the short-lived series are nicely packaged by Paramount with extended commentaries from the cast and itsy-bitsy (but informative and endearing) ones from Parker and Stone. The concept: A lovably buffoonish George W. Bush tries to remain the most powerful man in the free world while a madcap White House supporting cast drags him through shopworn prime-time comedy conceits. Created in a more innocent, less divisive, pre-Sept. 11 time, the mostly nonthreatening satire isn't as vicious or preachy as South Park, but the payoffs are often just as risqué and demented. At any rate, the limp political humor is subservient to That's My Bush's meta-critique of the American sitcom, which each episode masters and skewers. But tongue-in-cheek self-reflexivity can only go so far, and this Bush's impeachment from cable TV was hardly a surprise.