Until Death Comes

Until Death Comes
Label: Secretly Canadian
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Until Death Comes
If you're like me and a firm believer that less is more in the recording studio, then you'll be immediately entranced by the minimalist piano-and-vocal attack of Sweden's Frida Hyvönen's 2005 Scandinavian debut, only now seeing Stateside release. Flugelhorn, trumpets and vibraphone occasionally show up, but mostly this is another Songs From a Room'type recording. The claustrophobic vibe adds tension and menace. Hyvönen's lonely moan sends her out on the thin ice. ('The smell of winter makes me sick for love,� she offers in the Joni Mitchell dead ringer 'N.Y.�). If you didn't know otherwise, you'd assume this recording bears the Elektra-Asylum label stamp from several decades past. There are no compromises here, no gratuitous nods to modern-day recording values. Hyvönen might not have gotten away with 'once I felt your cock against my thigh� in 1972, but how much of a Luddite does anyone really want to be?