Norman McLaren: The Masters Edition

Norman McLaren: The Masters Edition
Studio: HVE/Image
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Compiling the complete career of Canadian pioneering experimentalist Norman McLaren ' spanning 50-plus years, 58 shorts, seven discs and an overwhelming 15 hours of material ' Homevision has outdone itself. This collection is like a film course in a box, organizing the films by style and theme for easy dissemination and including short documentaries on each facet of his work. McLaren was a creative juggernaut, most of his films acting as visual interpretations of his favorite arts: dance and music. More whimsical and less abstract than titans in the field such as Stan Brakhage and Maya Deren, McLaren's primary focus was animation, from his colorful hand-drawn sketches directly on celluloid to his manipulation of live-action stories and ballets. His films are alternately poetic, humorous and shocking, and seem to encapsulate everything from Looney Tunes to video games to screensavers. While I couldn't begin to discuss specific movies in detail, you haven't seen anything until you've seen Mosaic and Neighbours.