Freedom's Fury

Freedom's Fury
Studio: Grainey
Director: Colin Gray (III), Megan Raney
WorkNameSort: Freedom's Fury
Our Rating: 3.50
The key interest in Freedom's Fury is how it uses one event that American audiences are probably unfamiliar with ' the violent 1956 Olympic water-polo match between the Soviet Union and Hungary ' to tell the story of another: Hungary's failed 1956 people-powered revolution against Soviet occupation. The revolution was temporarily successful, and Hungary enjoyed a brief 10-day period of independence before the Soviets again dominated the country; less than a month later the Hungarians took on the Soviet Union in a semifinal water-polo match in Melbourne. The tension was as unavoidable as it was omnipresent, resulting in a brawl of a meeting that came to be known as the 'blood in the waterâ?� match; Hungary's victory gave a small reward to the emotionally deflated country. Far from a straight sports documentary, Freedom's Fury is uplifting and bittersweet, framing the drama of an athletic afternoon within the global political picture. This two-day stand is an Oscar-qualifying run. (unrated; 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 25-26, at Enzian Theater, Maitland; $6; 407-629-0054)