The city hateful


You think you know people, but you donâ??t. You want to get a sense of what God-fearing Orlando is really like? Spend some time on Craigslist Orlandoâ??s rants and raves board. Youâ??ll come away with a different perspective on the residents of the City Beautiful, I guaran-damn-tee it. If CL is to be believed O-Town is populated by very angry perverts, racists and xenophobes; this is a city full of people who hate this fucking city, hate the people who live here, hate the public officials whom they elect, hate the people who move here after them, hate the guy/gal in the car beside them, etc. Outwardly, weâ??re a city of conservative churchgoers; when allowed to speak freely, weâ??re twisted freaks. I always suspected as much.