Learn to Sing Like a Star

Learn to Sing Like a Star
Label: Yep Roc
Length: LP
Rated: NONE
Release Date: 2007-01-29
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Learn to Sing Like a Star
Ex-Throwing Muse Kristin Hersh makes weird records. They're not the kind of obvious, look-at-me-and-how-strange-I-am records that regularly pass through the post-punk art-damage world; they're quietly and subtly bizarre and can be off-putting, as they appear to be pop-oriented projects that somehow leave out the crucial satisfying hooks. Instead, they ramble both lyrically and sonically in a stream of consciousness that only Hersh can decipher. Her unusual juxtapositions and private codes also make for unique listening, and considering how cookie-cutter much music really is, it's a welcome switch to hear someone setting out on a wild adventure. Star is best described as a punk-attenuated trip into psychedelia that's as spiky as it is sunny. Hersh turns gravelly blues shouter for 'Under the Gunâ?� and sounds slightly pissed despite the bucolic lushness of 'Ice.â?� U.K. electro-string duo the McCarricks provide worthy orchestration, and Muses drummer David Narcizo keeps things steady. It's like violent ambient folk music for electric kids.