Roger Moore should consider bodyguards

The Sentinel movie dude posted a defense of James Cameron's new Discovery Channel documentary on his always insane blog this morning. The doc concerns an archeological find in Jeruselum that may or may not hold the bones of the supposedly unrisen Jesus, his wife, son and extended family. Care to guess what happened next?

Check out the comments section. Entry No. 1: "Camerons find is good for those who choose to be anti-Christ in their heart, it gives them the excuse they need to support their unbelief in a righteous God who freely gives salvation to those who believe but will pour out His wrath on the children of disobedience. Choose this day whom you will serve. VALENTINE"

No. 2: "Your blog states: He deserves the benefit of the doubt, until we have all the facts in. Why does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? The tomb was empty. It's as easy as that."

Yes, as simple as that.

Another comment threatened to cancel his Sentinel subscription because Moore is "blasphemous." And on it goes.

Mr. Moore, you have awakened the beast. Perhaps some Kevlar is in your future.