Arriving at Night

Arriving at Night
Label: Hefty Records
Length: LP
Release Date: 2007-02-20
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Arriving at Night
Late winter afternoons are warmed by the light of Victor Bermon's debut album. The Australia native blends sleepy beats with clipped folk and jazz elements on Arriving at Night, and like a teetering rowboat at dusk, it glides slowly, recalling B. Fleischmann's The Humbucking Coil. Urgency is rare on Arriving, and even when more upbeat tempos appear, as they do on 'Photographs Are Not Memories,â?� snare drum taps are overshadowed by acoustic guitar picking. When the beat drops out of 'Photographs,â?� strummed guitar loops swirl everywhere. Bermon's loops are as essential to these recordings as his unobtrusive beats are. Loops of the backward variety roll atop the quirkily shifting 'Famous Discussion,â?� while Bermon deftly manipulates smoky jazz samples for opener 'Farewell Lunch for Lauraâ?� ' the sometimes swinging hip-hop rhythms and acoustic-plucked pleasantries here might not block the brutal cold entirely, but they're at least alluding to more temperate days.