Want to know how nefarious Pearlman's enterprise was?

It's buried - why I don't know - inside a Sentinel story about people who might buy the property.

Check it out: " Green said many tenants aren't paying their rent, including several defunct Pearlman companies. She also said Club Paris is behind in its rent, although owner Fred Khalilian said he had been refusing to pay because Pearlman's people were requesting cash. He said he has funds in escrow to make his rent current and pay it through April."

Sure, Club Paris is an abomination named after a whorebag heiress city in France. But that dude pays 50k a month. Pearlman wanted it IN CASH!!!!! Perhaps in a briecase, or maybe paper bags.

This is the guy the city was so sure would save Church Street a few years ago. Just like the city is so sure it's worth $500 million to keep the Magic in town. Just saying.