The Last Mimzy

The Last Mimzy
Studio: New Line Cinema
Rated: PG
Cast: Chris O'Neil, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, Joely Richardson, Timothy Hutton, Megan McKinnon
Director: Robert Shaye
WorkNameSort: Last Mimzy, The
Our Rating: 3.50
Sedate, subtle and psychedelic, The Last Mimzy is less a kid-friendly fantasy flick than it is a secret stoner movie waiting to be discovered by the bong-hit brigade. Mandalas, transuniversal bridges, heightened consciousness, none-too-subtle references to Through the Looking Glass and a freaking Roger Waters song combine for a refracted and rewarding riff on the very tired kidventure template. Unfortunately, the kids it's aimed toward probably couldn't care less. Little ones won't be able to follow the metaphysical implications of the discovery made by 10-year-old Noah and his younger sister Emma, while tweens will likely be nonplused by the limited use of special effects and the film's deliberate pacing. Adults, on the other hand, can parse their way through the links made between a stuffed rabbit, Tibetan mythology and the genetic failings of the future human race to see through to the film's central meanings. A likable cast of adults displays the right amount of disbelief to make the kids' stiff acting easily ignored, and the occasional lapses into illogical hokiness are made up for by the imaginative spirit at the heart of the movie. It's a shame that Mimzy will fail with its target audience, but it should resonate with the adults accompanying the befuddled youngsters in the theater.