Sweet Beliefs

Sweet Beliefs
Label: Ever Records
Length: LP
Release Date: 2006-09-18
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Sweet Beliefs
Whose lovely vocals are these that carve precisely into such a textured mess of sound on Sweet Beliefs? A Paris-based four-piece called Cyann & Ben, and lullaby moments ' highlighting hushed harmonies and keys ' occur as often as devastating crash cymbals and whirling fuzzed-out guitar licks. At times, Sweet Beliefs is a spirited evolution in which each track remains a hypnotic element, even as it becomes dependable after the first few listens. 'Sunny Morningâ?� parts lovingly from its Moog swirls and spirals skyward into cascading guitar lines, chimes and a dream-pop exit that grows gradually noisier toward its finish. Play this album through, and take in the gaping distance between the guitar-driven madness of 'Let It Playâ?� and 'Somewhere in the Light of Time,â?� its sparse counterpart.