Mile High: The Complete First Season

Mile High: The Complete First Season
Studio: Koch Vision
WorkNameSort: Mile High: The Complete First Season
Viewers of BBC America: Please get over yourself. There's no point in acting as if the Beeb is a haven for those weary of the tawdriness of U.S. television. As series like Mile High have shown, those Brits like to watch young, beautiful people in shows with puerile dialogue, thin plots and trashy sexuality as much (or more) than us colonists. Though it debuted on Rupert Murdoch's Sky Television network, Mile High was produced by those cultural kingpins at the BBC and, pound for pound, is twice as raunchy as anything on regular American cable. Revolving around the shallow lives of a handful of employees at a low-fare, short-haul airline (called, aptly enough, Fresh!), Mile High is every frequent flyer's fever dream. What harried business traveler hasn't wanted to watch the preternaturally hot flight crew party their asses off when not ensuring your safety in the air? Sure, there's tension and drama between the crew members, but the show's primary attraction is the booze-guzzling, pill-popping, passenger-fucking libertines flinging swear words and baring their naughty bits.