Sentinel columnist: Thank you, Osama bin Laden!

Apparently, for the last 7 years the Orlando Sentinel employed a columnist named Tammy Carter. We say "apparently" because before today we've never actually read on of her columns, but judging by her farewell in today's paper, maybe we were missing out.

OK, maybe not. Most of it's sappy and stupid. But whatever. Two little bits of totally unintentional humor jumped out at us, and we figured we'd point them out to you.

Part 1: "When I started writing this column, I was divorced with no plans to marry again. Then terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, and my priorities changed."

Who knew bin Laden was such an effective life coach?

Part 2: "The newsroom's reorganization has given me the chance to return to New Orleans â�?�¦ ."

Translation: She got canned. Or maybe voluntarily separated, as Tribune corporate parlance goes these days.