Golden Pollen

Golden Pollen
Label: Anti-
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Golden Pollen
Familiarity with Guillermo Scott Herren is usually linked to the head-splitting electronica/hip-hop compositions he's cranked out under the guise of Prefuse 73 ' the onslaught of persistently creaking, squealing beats out there stamped with his name shouldn't go overlooked. As Savath & Savalas, Herren delivers on the promise of an aural experience considerably different than the one he's developed from behind laptops and beat machines. Golden Pollen's folky textures are strewn with the host's many guitar tracks, percussion from a multitude of organic sources and pipe organs, not to mention Herren's vocals on each track, all sung in Spanish. While it's difficult to distinguish one track from the next, Golden Pollen is at times an engaging affair, with guest spots from the likes of Mia Doi Todd (alongside woodwinds and Herren's plucking on the brief intro) or the incorporation of delay effects and loops ('Paisaje,â?� 'Concretoâ?�) coloring things before it grows stale.