Gun owners are doing what the police cannot.



It may not be a particularly popular position amongst some of my more traditionally liberal co-workers, but I am very much in favor of gun ownership and the right of individuals to protect themselves from violent criminals.

Last night, three dudes busted into a house, fired off shots, and started ransacking the place. One of the guys that lived there grabbed a gun and fired three times, killing one of the attackers. The others ran away.

Another guy protected himself and his girlfriend by drawing his own concealed weapon after being attacked by two assailants with shotguns. This happened on Sunday.

More than 20 murders so far this year. You know why? Because what used to be armed robberies are now armed robberies and murders. Used to be, if you just cooperated, you'd probably make it out safely, but nowadays, you're likely to end up dead, just because your attacker doesn't want a witness.

My sister (who sees more murdered crime victims than anyone else I know) has even gotten a concealed carry permit to protect herself.

The police are great at tracking people down after a crime has been committed. They're great at stopping vehicle chases. What they are not great at is disrupting armed robberies, carjackings, and the like. They just can't respond fast enough. There may only be a few seconds when someone's life could be saved. The cops simply cannot respond in time, but you might be able to, if you are prepared.

The solution to the violent crime epidemic in central Florida is not to get more desk jockies on the street. It's for the good men and women of our communities to take it upon themselves to defend themselves and their neighbors. An armed populace is the ultimate deterrent of violent crime.