Build A Nation

Build A Nation
Label: Megaforce
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Build A Nation
It's been more than a decade since Bad Brains last 'reunitedâ?� for a studio album; that disc, God of Love, failed to burnish the punk titans' legacy and was further evidence of the creative drain that started with 1989's metal-tinged Quickness. Build a Nation finds the original group ' H.R., Darryl Jenifer, Dr. Know and Earl Hudson ' back on top with a firm grasp on the strengths of their earlier recordings: purity and intensity. As such, this Adam Yauch'produced collection succeeds when it recalls the inimitable power of the group's first rough blasts of creativity. Many of the cuts (most notably, 'Universal Peaceâ?� and 'In the Beginningâ?�) bear resemblances in melody and force to the group's first recordings, but still, Build a Nation sounds fresh. That success is achieved by the transposition of the raw, spastic aggression of the Brains' earliest work and the fuller, more spiritually rooted themes (and straightforward reggae sounds) that emerged during the I Against I period into an attack that pretends the past 20 years in music never actually happened. Build a Nation is the album that Bad Brains fans and the punk nation at large has needed to hear for a long time now.