OZONE Awards on MTV Jams


OZONE Magazine, of Orlando, Atlanta, and parts beyond, are putting on their second annual Ozone awards show in Miami on August 13, and MTV Jams will be airing it on Labor Day weekend.

Good news for these guys. And they've put together a pretty big name (if somewhat, um, mainstream) line-up for their event. The press release has names like Rick Ross, Young Jeezy & USDA, Plies, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, and Trick Daddy.

Bao wrote about them last year, when their event was at the Bob Carr Center, and he didn't think it was all that cool that they didn't rep O-town and the local scene. Unfortunate, but the best Orlando hip hop is folks like SPS & X.144, Solliloquists, SKIP, and folks like that, and they don't have the same glossy, blinged-out Photoshop lens-flare and diamonds aesthetic that Ozone seems to prefer.

So respect to them for their good success, but let's remember - the image business will only carry a project so far. Ultimately, it's about the music. The artists that matter are the ones that will be remembered after more than their sixty seconds of major-label advertising investment. Let's hope they remember that quality is the most important quality.