Boy Culture

Boy Culture
Studio: TLA Releasing
WorkNameSort: Boy Culture
'If you're smart,â?� snarls the acid-tongued X (Derek Magyar), 'you've guessed I'm a hustler. If you haven't, here are two clues: I'm gay, and they made a movie about me.â?� When X's tongue isn't so acid he makes a living from its contortions, but secretly he's saving himself for the love of his life ' if such a thing exists among the backstabbing brotherhood of gay men. His devastatingly hot and genuinely nice roommate Andrew (Darryl Stephens) seems like the sure thing he's looking for, but X (who's so guarded he won't even tell the audience his real name) can't risk being disappointed once again. His dry, remorselessly cynical narration provides half of the delight while his vulnerable leap of faith into uncompensated matters of the heart supplies the other. A pleasantly jaundiced, judiciously sexy and uncampy take on gay love that plays like an episode of Queer as Folk written by Chuck Palahniuk, Boy Culture is a secret cult favorite waiting to be discovered by viewers too embittered for syrupy chick flicks but still hungry for a happy ending.