Snow Cake

Snow Cake
Studio: IFC Films
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman
Director: Marc Evans
WorkNameSort: Snow Cake
Our Rating: 3.00
Sigourney Weaver portrays a 'high-functioningâ?� and 'very verbalâ?� autistic mom who's confronted with the news that her daughter has died in an automobile accident. Carrie-Anne Moss is the 'selfishâ?� (and slutty) next-door neighbor. While Weaver's performance is marvelous (Moss' â?¦ meh), it's Alan Rickman ' as the baggage-laden, shellshocked driver of the car Weaver's vivacious daughter was riding in ' whose generally stunned performance drives the movie. As Rickman ingratiates himself with both women (he's as much of an outsider as they are), he's notably drawn into the thoroughly bizarre lives they lead in a thoroughly mundane North Canadian town. Despite the ominous overhang of death, isolation and mental illness, Snow Cake never entertains too much pathos nor does it become overly concerned with making Weaver's character even slightly sympathetic; her uncensored forthrightness is as refreshingly humane as it is hilarious.