Skin For Sale

Skin For Sale
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The average female porn star makes 200 films in three to five years before calling it quits. Judging from Skin for Sale's conversations with actors, directors and producers of the Barcelona porn industry (the Silicone Valley of Europe), the high burnout rate isn't because of drugs or scandal but simple, inescapable loneliness. Years of lying to parents, avoiding romantic relationships (except with other porn stars, who are also too damaged for lasting love) and dampening the natural emotional response to sex for the sake of on-the-job sanity takes a bigger toll than any physical wear and tear. While big names like Nacho Vidal and Bibian Norai speak profoundly about the isolated, love-hate position they occupy in society, it's a shame the terse and sometimes misspelled subtitles don't share more than the gist of their good points. Director Vicente Pérez Herrero doesn't shy from the adult visuals, but all the exposed flesh looks affected and silly when contrasted with the honesty of the interviews conducted without makeup and fully clothed. 'We create fantasy,� one director sums up ruefully. 'It doesn't mean we live it.�