Label: Cooking Vinyl
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Bluefinger
When he finally makes an album under his real name, Charles Thompson, we'll know he's thrown in the towel. For now, Frank Black has gone back to his original Pixies stage name, Black Francis, and recorded an album that gets its shriek on. 'Captain Pastyâ?� begins in BF's upper register, and the extra dose of chaos in the backing band makes it a jarring ride. According to the press notes, the album was inspired by the Dutch painter-musician Herman Brood, whose 'You Can't Break a Heart and Have Itâ?� is covered here. But the best moments are simply BF eschewing the politeness of his later work and going for the jugular, as he does on 'Tight Black Rubber.â?� Unfortunately, BF's also gotten a little older and needs to pace himself; the less-than-fantastic blues of the title track reminds you that there's a normal guy in there somewhere that occasionally gets out.