In the Shadow of the Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon
Studio: ThinkFilm
Rated: PG
Director: David Sington
WorkNameSort: In the Shadow of the Moon
Our Rating: 3.50
In the Shadow of the Moon tells a riveting story, even if we know how it ends. A reflection on the ’60s space race and the almost insurmountable setbacks it took for NASA to realize Kennedy’s dream of putting a man on the moon, this fascinating documentary features new interviews with 10 of the astronauts who flew on the Apollo missions (the reclusive Neil Armstrong isn’t one of the them). Their anecdotes are warm, and their humble amazement at being chosen for such an mind-blowing job is infectious. The file footage is even more impressive. The material filmed by the astronauts themselves while launching, in orbit and on the hostile, cratered moonscape are so well-preserved you’d think they were newly produced dramatizations. But those majestic shots of flying shrapnel are the real deal, and many of them are being exhibited here for the first time. Walk out before the last 10 minutes, which exploit this essential piece of historical record to cheaply and irrelevantly comment on the earth’s ecological crisis.