Latin Bitman

Latin Bitman
Label: Nacional
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Latin Bitman
Hailing from Chile, DJ Bitman is a mixmaster who, in 12 tracks, can deftly segue from electronica and turntablism to Latin dance beat patterns, hip-hop and the acoustic traditions of Latin American genres. On his latest eclectic foray, Bitman invites a bevy of Chilean artists from the Santiago underground music scene and international notables such as Plastilina Mosh’s Alejandro Rosso and Los Tres member Titae Lindl. Some of the more chilled-out tunes on the new album, like “Shine,” “Ejale!” and “Blackbossa,” are anchored in bossa nova grooves laced with sampled vocals, scratching and cool jazz horn inflections thrown in for good measure. But the mellow mood is only one side of Latin Bitman’s triptastic flow. The lounge vibe numbers are a sonic detour that offers respite from the heavier hip-hop dance beats. The result is an exquisite mash-up that plateaus in preparation for the next infectious jump-start.