UPDATE: Coke still pretty bad



Below was our post a couple weeks back when news broke about Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow's death. I specifically asked that the coroner NOT make me a dick by stating his cause of death was drugs.

The coroner did not listen.

Coke overdose. Who knew he was still that rich?


Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of f'ing awesome early 80s metal outfit Quiet Riot died yesterday of unknown causes.

We suspect that whole "Metal Health" thing may have been based on shoddy research.

Speaking of "Metal Health," here's footage of the guys rocking their love handle thang back in April on the...ahem...Rehab tour. (Note to DuBrow's coroner: Don't make me into a dick and declare an overdose.) Watch for Chuck Wright's kung-fu drink-dodge at 30 secs.