Sentinel commenters are completely sane, thoughtful individuals


So, the Orlando Sentinel ran a story about how some AM sports radio station is switching over to - gasp - Hispanic music or something. Let's sample the reaction, shall we? (Oh, lest there be any doubt, all of this is copied and pasted directly from the comments.)

I am so tried of Businesses and other coorporations enabling these Hispanics! Assimulate!!!! I am really upset that three channels in Orlando have switched from Good old American English, music and sports radio to Mexican and salsa music. It's crap!!! I'm tired of getting stared down by some latin punk at stop lights. I am getting tired of latin guys sticking spanish newspapers in my car at the intersections of roads. I am getting tired of latins talking at the top of their voices so everyone can here. I am getting tired of latins parking their cars in their lawns. I am getting tired of seeing Spanish Bill Boards. Yeah I feel Like ranting now.

we have seen and despised the enemy (miami over the last 25 years) and now we are becoming them.

I'm so glad hispanics want to assimilate into our society and speak English.....

Orlando hasn't been major league for some time. Baseball is nowhere to be found. Not to long ago Braves and Rays were both on local stations. At least my two favorite stations will be merged into a single button on my radio. Should be a hoot - Shot Doctor immediately following El Rushbo! I, too, rue the ***kissing that the media is doing for those Hispanics unwilling to learn English. Doesn't Orlando have enough Spanish stations without having to lay to waste English speaking sports (740) and classic rock (100.3FM)?

Latin people do act like Circus **** and are a loud and abnoxious boring bunch.