Ben Stein's "Expelled"


Screenings of Ben Stein's "Expelled" continue at several movie theaters. Here's what Steve Schnieder had to say in his First Shot movie column in the 4-24 issue, hitting the streets right now:

Just last week, we were lamenting that some small, left-of-center pictures continue to bypass Orlando. Well, former Nixon flunky and glorified game-show host Ben Stein must have heard our kvetching, because he deigned to make Altamonte Springs one of the showcase communities for his right-of-center â??documentaryâ?� Expelled, a filmic show of support for science teachers who dare to defy the silly separation of church and state and boldly question the evolutionary party line.

Of course, that nutty nabob Stein just happened to notify us of this momentous April 18 booking after the last issue of our paper was already on the stands â?? which weâ??re sure had nothing to do with his PR machineâ??s attendant lambasting of â??liberalâ?� critics, nor its reliance on slavering sound bites from the likes of James Dobson and Pat Robertson for counterbalance.

Anyway, the flick is still playing at several theaters in town, which means the Enlightenment didnâ??t arrive. Check the movie times and if you decide to go, take along the monkey you love.