The Democratic primary in one paragraph

I read plenty of election/political blogs and web sites, and one of my favorites is, a site that uses all sorts of statistical and demographic measures to predict how elections will go. To date, this guy's been pretty accurate, more accurate in fact than many professional pollsters (the secret: demographics are king, everything else is shit).

Anyway, he had a nice bit about Hillary's problem in Oregon next week, where after the results come in, Obama is expected to do some sort of victory dance. But pay attention to the last paragraph, which I think sums up this race as concisely as anything I've ever read:

Clinton hits you over the head with resume and facts, whereas Obama's approach is less prosaic. If the two candidates were in college together, you could imagine Clinton getting really mad at Obama because she spent days working on her paper, and he whipped his together that morning and wound up with the better grade.

That is, of course, why so many Hillary supporters can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that this upstart beat her: This was supposed to be her turn, and she'd been preparing for it for years now. The new kid comes along and does it better. That must be a hard pill to swallow.