Showing your work (or, cops behaving badly)


Some of you may have noticed the big cop story we're running this week. The quick and dirty version: A few OPD cops have a tendency to get abusive, and OPD doesn't really do a damn thing about about it.

Anyway, in that story I referenced four different videotapes: The one where Officer Trinidad pushed Jessica Asprilla down the Club Paris stairwell; the one where an officer tackled and detained Josh Leclair for no good reason; the one where Officer Miller Tasered Steven Zapf while Zapf is clearly posing no threat at all; and the one involving Heather Hull and a UCF tailgaiting incident in 2003.

Unfortunately, I only have actual video of the Hull incident - not anything digital - and I don't get the technology enough to figure out how to post that. If someone wants to help out, email me and we'll see what we can do ( I can, however, direct you to the other three, so that you can decide for yourself if I'm right about OPD having a problem, or if I'm a totally full of shit hack hippie who hates authority and cops and wants to spend all day smoking the dope and eating Bon-Bons or whatever.

I say this, hoping the technology gods cooperate with me. Let's find out after the jumpitty-jump.


Our friend Chris Wilson, he of fame, has the Trinidad video as well as an audio recording on one of the voice mails Trinidad purportedly left his wife's friend. I can't figure out how to embed the damn thing, so I'll post a link for you to follow.

(A word of caution: I have no reason to doubt Chris, and the audio recording of Trinidad's voicemail conforms pretty much exactly to what is in court documents, but I cannot independently verify that this recording is Trinidad's voice. Unfortunately, he has both elements - the Asprilla video and the recording - together and I can't separate them. Again, this is not to say I doubt Wilson, who told me he got that recording from OPD, only to point out that I did not get that recording from OPD. Also, you are being directed to another site over whose content I have no control. Consider my ass covered. )

Anyway, here it is.

There are two Leclair videos. One he shot, and one a friend of his shot of him shooting the incident, and then getting tackled. I could only find one of them online at the moment. I accidentally posted it twice, and can't figure it out how to fix it.

Here is video No. 3, of Steven Zapf being Tasered in the Universal parking lot.