"Raisin' McCain": A horrific musical tribute



What do Big & Rich, a midget on crutches and a Barbara Bush lookalike have in common besides being awesome? They all support Sen. John McCain, as evidenced by this crusty, supremely '90s music vid (who makes those anymore?!) that I guess is the answer to Will.i.am's "Yes We Can."

Both "Yes We Can" and "Raisin' McCain" make me tear up, but for very different reasons.

The song is a pretty standard, verse-chorus-verse country bop, though probably more uptempo than most McCain supporters care to hear, and John Rich wisely avoids dissing on Obama â?? which he fully could've done cuz he's sooo not racist since he's standing by Big & Rich's black cowboy, who spends his time epileptically pumping his fists â?? and focuses instead on the Hanoi Hilton and McCain's "real man American plan." Throw in a "geetar" solo (forget '90s, they're going '80s style!!) and a hot fiddle player, and you've got the new campaign song, sonny!

Also, our friends at Idolator have pointed out that McCain's image doesn't appear once in the video, only signs with his name. Gee, wonder why?

Yee fucking haw.