Next day textblogging the McCain speech


Yeah, yeah. If we were tech-savvy, could afford laptops and had a little more passion for this shit, then we'd have liveblogged the terrible and hilarious McCain speech last night, but this is how we do. To shed some light on how much we savored every awkward moment of last night's return of the green screen, here's the text convo I had with News Editor Jeff Billman last night during the thing:

Justin: 10:18 p.m. Return of the lime green monster!!

Jeff: 10:20 Ha! This is sad

Justin: 10:21 Did they learn nothing? This is embarrassing

Jeff: 10:22 Its blue now

Justin: 10:23 Equally green screenable

Jeff: 10:24 Uhe hippies are embarrassing

Justin: 10:25 'We're gonna tap into america's hidden desire to fuck sarah Palin! Yay!

Jeff: 10:26 Ha!

Justin: 10:31 He's wiping away everything Palin did last night

Jeff: 10:42 Pathetic right? Or am i just high? Or both?

Justin: 10:43 Both

Jeff: 10:44 Has he said ANYTHING besides POW?

Justin: 10: 45 My wife: his platform is the community collegization of america

Jeff: 10:45 Go Walmart

Justin: 10:46 Jesters for McCain?

Justin: 10:48 Serial killers for McCain

Jeff: 10:58 POW! POW! POW!

Justin: 11:00 They worked him over hard. Loving him long time

And then the Daily Show came on. The end.